Pocket Risk – Acquisition

Today we’re announcing the acquisition of Pocket Risk by the Jamal Group. A Dubai based investment fund with investments in financial technology and telecoms. They decided to acquire Pocket Risk because of their belief in the continual importance of technology in helping advisors serve their clients. Mr Ali Jamal, CEO of Jamal Group is a technologist, seasoned entrepreneur and investor. His area of expertise include fintech, data analytics and telecoms.

The acquisition will bring about more investment into the Pocket Risk platform, so advisor’s clients get a better experience. Chief among these is integrations with other software vendors and making Pocket Risk available in other languages. The Jamal Group is determined to take Pocket Risk to the next level.

Personally, I’d like to thank all of the Pocket Risk customers for their continued support. I will remain with the firm in a consulting capacity for the rest of 2017 before moving on. If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing [email protected] or email Ali at [email protected]

Thank you,


CEO – Pocket Risk