The Future Of Financial Planning Is Not What You Expect – Interview with Bob Veres #FearlessFinancialAdvisorPodcast

A wide ranging interview with Bob Veres about the future of financial planning. Bob Veres is the former editor of Financial Planning Magazine and creator of the Insider’s Forum conference and Inside Information newsletter. He has been commenting and contributing to the industry for over 30 years. He recently released a new book called the New Profession, which we also discuss.

In This Interview We Discuss…

0:34 – Why is financial planning an “Emerging profession”? Hasn’t it already emerged?

2:45 – Making financial planning a true profession.

08:15 – What is the single biggest determinant in a financial planner’s success?

10:22 – Future of AUM business model

13:20 – How to develop a flexible “change agile” mind as an advisor.

14:20 – How to market your financial planning firm.

17:00 – How should advisors manage client behavior as markets move up and down?

22:00 – What advice would Bob Veres give to his 30 year old self?


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New Profession Book

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